Live webpage

Importing a live web page works for most basic web pages that end in .html or .htm, and sometimes ending in .php or similar. If your page is a “stand-alone” – not created from a database – then this basic “live page” approach will probably work for you. If your page has something complex inside it that causes it not to work with our graphical user interface, there is a second way to translate using this software.

How To Import a Live Page

There are quite a few ways to import your web page, so that if one way does not work, another probably will. The “How To” video on the right covers the basics.

For both web master and amateur, Translate Your Web Page offers a wide variety of ways in which to translate, optimize, and proof web pages. In this software, you can import “live” webpages directly from the web just by typing the full URL ( Once the page is inside the software, you can translate or optimize from anywhere in the world, and then export a ready-to-use webpage to place on your website.

Translators can translate online in an attractive environment. If your translators want to use Trados or Deja Vu (translation memory software) please go to the “Advanced” page for more information, because you can export files in Microsoft Word or Excel that is perfect for them, and then re-import their translations into Translate Your Web Page.

After translation, you, your client, friends and colleagues can view and approve your web pages before you go “live”. With a password, they can enter Translate Your Web Page through the secret, unbranded “back door” and not only approve but also modify or personalize the web page text if you permit.


A pro translator can offer web page services that are broader than usual, and can include search engine optimization of the web site, and even include subtitling for any related videos, all using software here in Translate Your World. The translator uses Translate Your Web Page to create the ready-to-use web page for the client to drop onto their website. Translate Your Web Page is compatible with Trados and DejaVu, and such files can be imported and blended within this online environment.


If you’re an amateur with a web page that you want to translate, a simple click will import your page into the software and you can do what you desire – and have fun! You can translate it yourself in a professional manner, ask a friend or colleague to translate, or click to use the built-in automated translation software. You’ll be amazed how successful you will be.

Using the Software

You can work on your web pages in Translate Your Web Page – and work on the translations of your web pages – until all is exactly as you desire. Unlike other software, you can come back again and again to modify and update. Your web page text will be stored for a very long time. And more, your online database is yours alone, not shared with anyone else, so there is no worry about privacy.

You’ll be amazed how easy it is to manage web page translation and optimization – whether you speak the language or not. Use your own translators, choose a quality guaranteed translator from the Directory of Translators, or click for automated translation then ask a colleague or friend to review and refine the automated translation. You or your client can be responsible for translation or invite group participation “wiki style” from anyone in your organization to whom you provide a password.

After you have translated or optimized your pages, just click and your ready-to-use web pages will download, ready to place on your website. That’s it!