Each basic project costs $25. A project is one website. If you have many web sites or huge sites, use the Contact fields on the right for a volume discount and see the Group pages of this site.

The cost of a project includes:

  • Your own private online database
  • A special password for yourself with full access
  • Passwords for your translators and reviewers with limited access for security
  • Password for your clients and users also with limited access for security
  • A beautiful free web video subtitle player (if you decide to subtitle)
  • Storage for your page content online while your work on the various languages
  • Database storage for your page text for a year, that can be extended
  • Professional translation glossary support
  • Spellcheck in over a hundred languages
  • Access to automated translation that can be “trained” to use your glossary preferences
  • API access

If you leave your project online for a long time, it may cost a few points to reopen your project.

Payment method

Select your payment option – buy points using the online payment page and VISA, Master Card, AmEx, or Paypal. Or email to pay with usual payment methods such as invoice or account.