How to translate your web pages


1) Live web page translations and updates

Just paste the name of the web page into a field, then click a button. Like magic, Translate Your Web Page will retrieve your live page, and import the text from your page (or survey or information) into a private online database created by this software especially for you. You can edit, translate, update, SEO then upload your new pages! This “magic” does not work on every site, but works for most pages that end in htm or html.

Come back as often as you like to modify or update. Invite translators or friends to use the secure online Translation Center accessible with a password. Or click to request a qualified professional translator. Or click to use the built in automated translation and ask a colleague to polish the results. As an added bonus, this automated translation can be “trained” to use your favorite terms and expressions. You can also use the Automated SEO feature to revamp your pages each week refresh the sitemap so that the search engines know you have fresh web content.


2) Dynamic database driven sites

For dynamic sites, much of your site text comes from a database on your server. The webmaster creates an Excel file of the text for import into the software. The text can be translated right online in an environment that looks like an online spreadsheet. Text lengths can also be set and variables inserted.

Translator doc files or Excel – often popular with Trados or DejaVu translation memories – will import easily into Translate Your Web Page. Translators enter through the discreet “back door” to translate, use glossaries and spell checks, or work in their own files. The translated MS Word or Excels can be imported and managed inside Translate Your Web Page. And the content of the pages can also be called from the database anytime by the webmaster using the API. In this same suite of software (called “Translate Your World”) are other software that may be of interest to webmasters: Translate Your Software, Translate Your IVR and Translate Your Game.

3) Surveys, promotions, email blasts

Translate or edit other text and web text using Translate Your Web Page. Clone and personalize new versions of an old mailing or survey. Translate Your Web Page is created for translation, review and approval cycles so that the latest-and-greatest is always available with the proper passwords. Using the API or copy-paste, responses to surveys or mailings can also be automatically translated. Importantly, Translate Your Web Page includes glossary feature that enables the user to predetermine a dictionary of preferred translations. This same glossary helps the translators remain consistent.