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Take a test drive through Translate Your Web Page. The base language of this demo is English – represented by the language name “EnglUS” for “English from the U.S.” The project is pre-prepared for you. After login, click the menu buttons in order and just enjoy!

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  • View and test the graphical interface. See how you can use Translate to update your own web pages easily and quickly (the more often you change your web pages the higher your site will rank in the search engines). Update a page in seconds!
  • See how that same graphical interface can be used by any translator. Choose “from EnglUS > to SpanNE” (Spanish Neutral) and start translating!
  • Then, see the Translation and Review Center where the translation appears like an Excel spread sheet, and has advanced spellcheck in 235 languages!
  • An automatic translation feature is included within the software. Not only can you auto-translate your web pages, but far superior to other such sites, the pages are saved here in secure online database so that you or your translator can correct the errors and misunderstandings of the automatic software, saving both time and mountains of $$$.