Professional Translator’s Overview

This online software has the features that a professional translator truly needs. The features give translation professionals the ability to make webpage translations that are more than just words – they are accurate, high quality translations that enhance the image of the company that created the website.

Translate Your Webpage is also compatible with professional translation tools such as Trados or DejaVu giving the translator the option to translate either online or translate on their desktop using their preferred tools.  Translations performed in MS Word or Excel files will import easily back into TranslateYourWebpage.

An online glossary is provided to enhance consistency.  Translators and clients can add words, expressions and notes relevant to each task, and suggested translations appear in separate columns to draw the translator’s attention.

The translated webpage can be viewed and proofed online in TYWP or the webmaster can import the translation then display the translated pages for proofing.    In all cases, the “latest and greatest” of the web page content and translations are all stored online in private, secure area, and all confusion disappears – confusion that is often caused by email and file exchanges with “please replace X with Y” throughout a project.