Passwords for Translators and Clients

The primary owner of the project is the one who created the account and bought the points. The email and password of the primary gives them – or whomever has the primary login information – full and complete privileges over the master information, all translations, and also buying power.

For security, a “back door” has been created so that translators, vendors, clients, and others can work on the project without damaging the master original. These “secondary passwords” for the back door are created automatically each time a language is added to the project. So, add the language(s) into which you plan to translate your project.

Adding a language

Click Project > Add Language

Add the translation language. When finished, this will take you back to the Main Menu.

Secondary logins

Translator login info: If your translator is in-house, the translator can login just as you did with the same email and password. However anyone who logs in with the main email/password can also change the original language, override your video, and has buying power. If the translator is out-of-house such as a vendor or a client, and/or you do not want the person to change the original language, there is a “back door” for them to log in that will prevent them from damaging the work you have already done in the Master Language.

To get the password to give to your vendor or client, at the Main Menu click on the button Passwords Translators-Clients near the top of the page. The passwords are extremely long for security. If you want the outside translator to be able to translate or edit only their own language, give them the password under the heading “One language translate only”. If you want to give them permission to work in any language except the master, give them the password under “All except edit master”.