Living Breathing Newsletter

If your organization circulates a newsletter through the mail or via your website, the Living Breathing Newsletter may be worth consideration as a unique, simplistic social networking space and business information sharing center designed specifically to help your members connect meaningfully with your organization and each other in creative ways that are easy to use.

Your existing bulletin or community newsletter can be embedded with text and multimedia components, and members and associates can submit text, pictures and movies from anywhere – in any language.

The Living Newsletter can be viewed on laptops or lunchroom walls. The template, background and layouts can be customized. Because the Living Newsletter is web-based, it can also be used in your marketing strategy to share information and rise in the search engine rankings.

Communicate across Generations and Languages

Living Breathing Newsletter is designed to translate your news for the sound bite and social media generation without sacrificing content or significantly changing the organizational layout.

The Living Breathing Newsletter enables you to reach out and connect with new audiences by translating your news into multiple languages. The templates are designed to be quickly updated and translated by members, by the built-in automated translation software, or by a professional translator.


Meetings and Presentations

Upload recorded meetings, presentations or event summaries – even subtitle your recorded movies for international colleagues to share. Open for viewing by anyone, or password-controlled.

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