Group sites

Translate Your Web Page is especially useful for group sites such as corporate communication pages or groups of people or companies with a group effort to communicate, sell as an entity, or go global together.   Such sites are based upon templates used and shared by the group.  TYWP provides custom templates with features specifically created to enhance the group’s purpose. Templates are organized to be smoothly compatible with Translate Your Web Page so that many people can participate in modifying and translating the content. Also, by using certain specific templates, the automated search engine optimization feature can kick-in to increase the group site’s visibility on the global Web.

Easy, fun and pain-free

Whomever will edit or translate the template web pages can basically just dive in.  No experience necessary.  Using a password and link, people who translate or edit can access and work on the pages from around the world.  They see the original live web page on the right and the version they are editing on the left.



Administering the group site

The “site admin” can be a non-technical person. Learning to be an admin only takes an hour or two, and a TYWP Pro will be pleased to help. The site admin will be able to decide who can edit what. For example, the German translator can only modify the German translation and not accidentally damage the Spanish.

The admin also has a way to import and export files including web page files, text files, MS Word files, and Excel. The admin can export pages such as a script for a translator to use with their favorite software (Trados, DejaVu), or export translated text for a graphic designer to insert into artwork, or export Excel files that a database administrator can import.

Equally, the admin can import various files and codes, and perform other tasks.