Export Pages for Dynamic Database Site

This section describes how to export an Excel file that contains a webpage or multiple webpages from this software.   This webpage content may be in your language or a translation.  Usually, dynamic database website pages end .asp or similar.  If your webpage ends in “/” and has no extension with a dot, then is probably a WordPress or Drupal site where you go internally into your site’s editor to copy-paste text that you generated with this software.

The best browsers for both this software and for international languages are Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Chrome.  All are free.  Some webmasters may ask you to provide a “csv” file (convert from Excel).  However, it is vital to note that csv causes serious damage to encoding and characters in foreign languages, so try to avoid csv like the plague.  There is a way to turn an Excel into a “pipe-delimited” file (pipe is the straight character “|”).  If this is required, email support(at)translateyourwebpage(dot)com.

Once you follow the instructions below to export your Excel document, pass it to your webmaster.  Alternatively, if you plan to use TranslateYourWebpage.com often or for many pages, your webmaster may want to connect directly to TYWP using the software API (a connection tool).  In either case, is the webmaster’s decision on approach.


1. Choose the Segment

2. Select: A standard http web page. There are also other options, click on the Sample link next to each options to study.

3. Select the language you are exporting

4. Select the file format: usually HTML

5.  Check that the return char is probably CR/LF (optional)

6.  Verify encoding is UTF8

8.  Click:  Save and Export

9. Select the page to export (will have “Base” in the name)

10. Click Generate Export

11. Click Continue, then wait for Download link to appear