Create a New Project



If you do not have a login or account, click Join 4 Free to create a free account.  This will also create your own private, secure online database only for you, not shared with others.

1. Click Login and enter your email address and password

2.  If you do not have point, you can buy points to start a project by clicking on buy points in the upper right of your Welcome Page, or you can create an running business account with Translate Your Webpage.  You will need to login again after buying points.

3. Click: Create Project button

4. Name your project (e.g. MySite)

5. Describe your project

6. Master Language (language of the original webpage: EnglUS – English for U.S.)

7. Name your segment (e.g. HomePage or About or ContactUs)

8. Segment description (optional)

9. Click “Continue”, check data then