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Create a New Project

  Go If you do not have a login or account, click Join 4 Free to create a free account.  This will also create your own private, secure online database only for you, not shared with others. 1. Click Login and enter your email address and password 2.  If you do not have point, […]

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Export a File to Send to Translator

Some translators prefer translating on their own computer rather than translating on the web. Perhaps because they do not have constant access to the internet, or they are professionals who want to use their Translate Memory software (e.g. Trados, DejaVu). Translating inside a file is good, but for optimum results, that translation should be re-imported […]

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Import Translation from a File

1. Choose the Segment (Base version) 2. Select File Type: ranslation and Advanced Imports 3. Select: Import Trans Base Numbered Two Column (this assumes that your file contains the master language, the translation, and perhaps a numbered column) 4. Select the language you are importing 5. Select “not sequentially numbered” 8. Select the translator’s file […]

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Export a Webpage for Your Site (html)

This section describes how to export an HTM or an HTML  webpage from this software. This page may be in your language or a translation.  This section is for pages that end in html or htm.  However, if your site is dynamic – drawn from a database – see the section on Export a Webpage […]

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Import Web Page as Excel or MS Word

Generally, database (dynamic) website content is provided by a webmaster in an Excel file.  Rarely, in an MS Word file with column.  These are the import instructions for such files.  Be sure to use .docx and .xlsx versions!  the older doc and xls are not web-friendly. Before you start, check your file for hilites (e.g. […]

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Import a Video

Videos are used for only for reference to help translators understand the content of the website.  And videos can be very helpful, indeed.  You may save yourself many errors by providing good reference materials. If you have a video included in your “live” web page and you imported your webpage as a “live page”, then […]

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Translating Dynamic Webpages Online

These instructions are for translating webpages that were imported as Excel or MS Word files with columns.  For “live webpages”, see instructions for Translating Live Webpages. 1. First, in order for the translator to perform their work, the language needs to be added to the project.  From Main Menu, click Project > Add Language 2. […]

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Add Language

            Click the Add Language button on the Main Menu. Select the language(s) you want to add and click Add Selected Languages. You can select multiple languages by holding CTRL (for PC) or CMD (for MAC) and clicking with your mouse. Remember: Languages have multiple dialects. Dialects are listed here […]

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Add New Page or Segment

Each project is broken down into segments (pages or units). One project represents one website, and one section represents one page or one translatable element of that website. Each segment name (page name) should be 12 characters long or less.  This page name will appear in the name of every file that is exported, although […]

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Change Project

  Click Change Project under the Project heading on the Main Menu or click Change Project in the top right of the page near the browser address bar. Look for the project you wish to open and click Select Project. Projects listed under Change project are in reverse order by date of creation with the […]

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