One of the attractive features of Translate Your Web Page is its automated SEO feature that functions in any language.

How does Auto-SEO function?

If your page is laid out in a specific manner – a layout that is very common that is a combination of paragraphs and bullet lists – the automated SEO will randomly mix and match content to present a fresh “new page” to the search engines.  For example, if there are three groups of 8 bullet items with paragraphs in between each group, then Auto-SEO will sort each bullet group in a different order each time the page is opened in Translate Your Web Page.  Moreover, Auto-SEO will rotate the paragraphs so that paragraph #1 will become paragraph#2, paragraph #2 becomes #3, and #3 becomes #1.  Additionally, there is a “partner page” SEO style in which paragraphs are swapped between pages.

This mix-and-match is exactly what is required to present a “fresh page” to the search engines, and keeps your site renewed and interesting to global search engines around the world.  This Auto-SEO approach functions in most languages.

Example  #1

Open the file in Translate Your Web Page, look at the “live” page on the right to see the bullet list “before” Auto-SEO. Then…

Example #2

Now, note how the bullet items on the left (editable) side are in a new, random order. Paragraphs will rotate when not  in  demo-only mode