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Export Pages for Dynamic Database Site

This section describes how to export an Excel file that contains a webpage or multiple webpages from this software.   This webpage content may be in your language or a translation.  Usually, dynamic database website pages end .asp or similar.  If your webpage ends in “/” and has no extension with a dot, then is probably […]

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Translating Live Webpages Online in GUI

These instructions are for translating webpages that were imported as “live webpages”.   If the pages end in “html” or “htm”, this is a very good way to translate their content.  You will translate the webpage here then export your finished page and upload to the website.  And finished! Note that for database website (dynamic) see […]

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Comparison to Other Software

  Below is a comparison chart between Translate Your Webpage and other subtitle software on the web.

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System Requirements

Translate Your Webpage works well with all computers and operating systems with fairly new versions. Translate Your Webpage works best with good computer memory (ram) and faster speed computers, but slower speed computers can also use this software with more waiting time for uploads and downloads. Browser: Like many web software, Translate Your Webpage functions […]

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Professional Translator’s Overview

This online software has the features that a professional translator truly needs. The features give translation professionals the ability to make webpage translations that are more than just words – they are accurate, high quality translations that enhance the image of the company that created the website. Translate Your Webpage is also compatible with professional […]

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Basics You Need To Know

This online professional-grade software was created to be both fun and versatile for people who are not webmasters. There are a wide variety of possibilities, so you can approach your webpage translation in the way that suits you best, right here online. No matter how you like to work, it is all here. Basics What […]

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Automated Translation Overview

This software includes built-in automated translation that can be “trained” to use your preferred translations and expressions through use of the Glossary feature where you enter own “dictionary”. As opposed to other automated translation that pepper the internet, here you can save the results then invite a native speaker to improve and polish the results. […]

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Automated Translation

The greatest advantages to automated translation are, of course, cheap price and speed. Using auto-translation If you want to translate all or part of a project, click “Translate existing segment”, select the segment, the “from” language and the ”to” language. The software will do the rest. If you have only a blob of text that […]

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Passwords for Translators and Clients

The primary owner of the project is the one who created the account and bought the points. The email and password of the primary gives them – or whomever has the primary login information – full and complete privileges over the master information, all translations, and also buying power. For security, a “back door” has […]

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Create a New Project

  Go If you do not have a login or account, click Join 4 Free to create a free account.  This will also create your own private, secure online database only for you, not shared with others. 1. Click Login and enter your email address and password 2.  If you do not have point, […]

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